Body and Mind Flow

by Gianna Thiess x StandUpClub Berlin

It starts with a Body & Mind Flow Pilates unit on the Stand Up Paddleboards (1h).
Followed by a paddle tour towards the Island of Youth (1h).
There we go to anchor to enjoy a healthy dinner picnic in the sunset (1h) in the protection of the old trees. Before we paddle back to the Berlin Sea of Lights (1h).

Thanks to Gianna’s clear instructions, the exercises are open up for beginners and advanced alike. Even the untrained can take part in the workshop on the SUP board.

Body and Mind Flow

A relaxed and effective alternative to any power workout

Flowing movements, with elements from pilates, yoga and the classic back fit are coupled to the individual breathing rhythm and through the gentle movements of the water to a very special, relaxed and deeply strengthening workout.

The combination of movement and conscious breathing on the water mainly trains the deep muscles, tightens the body, and at the same time lets the head switch off.

The high concentration required on the board, the focus on breathing, the body, the movement and the waves gives rise to a pleasant relaxation and you are in here and now.

The exercises have a particularly positive effect on tension in the back, neck, headaches and chronic stress.

Stand Up Paddle Tour

When paddling, this meditative state is further enhanced by the calm glide over the water and the beautiful uniform movement sequence.


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Stand Up Paddling – der perfekte Sport mit Abstandsgarantie an der frischen Luft

Maximal 5 Personen aus 2 Haushalten im Verleih
Personal Training mit einem Haushalt und max. 5 Personen
Abstandsregelung von mindest. 1,5m Abstand ist weiterhin streng einzuhalten
Zahlung kontaktlos online (Bar vor Ort)